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Mototalk App - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mototalk?


Mototalk is a smartphone Push-To-Talk 2-way radio app that lets users communicate with individuals or a group via Push to Talk (PTT) wherever Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G service is available. Mototalk communicates with any active iDEN PTT phone or with any carrier’s smartphone that has Mototalk activated.


What is the advantage of having Mototalk?


Mototalk allows you to quickly communicate with your team or anyone, through a single application all you need is a signal from your carrier or Wi-Fi.


Where do I download the Mototalk app?

The Mototalk app is available for Android. Click on the link to download

Android system users


Google Play:

iOS: Coming Soon!


Is Mototalk a free app, or do I need to pay to use it?

If you would like to know more about the Mototalk application and benefits, you can enjoy 30-days-free. 


But remember: don’t forget to pay attention to the end of this offer and continue to enjoy all the benefits through one of the subscription plans.


Which features can I try by joining the 30-days-free version offer?

Taking advantage of our free 30-days-free offer, you can use all Mototalk resources during the proposed period. To continue using the Mototalk app, you must choose one of the subscription plans offered on our website.


How do I make a call using the Mototalk app?


To make a call, just select a person or a talk group from your contacts list and press the on-screen PTT button to begin a call.


On what type of device does the Mototalk app work?


The Mototalk app is multi-platform. The selected subscription plan features can be used on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone .


If I don’t have a phone carrier, is it possible to use the Mototalk app?


Yes! You can enjoy all the features of your Mototalk app plan using any Wi-Fi network. Just log in and go.


What are the requirements for using the Mototalk app?


You must have a supported and active carrier line of service to establish a Mototalk account. Requires a high-speed connection: 3G/4G or Wi-Fi access