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About Mototalk

Mototalk is a new platform focused on helping businesses to increase their productivity by effectively managing their field teams through fast and rich communication.


Take advantage of all Mototalk features using any device.

Use on any operating system

Available for all Android and iOS models.

Choose your preferred operator

Works via 3G, 4G, and roaming.

Works over the Wi-Fi network

Connect to any Wi-Fi and use all Mototalk features.

Manage specific communication features that help your team and you

Forget ordinary radios and turn your team’s smartphones into true walkie talkies (PTT) with a rich set of messaging and communication features.

  • Fast Communication (Push to Talk – PTT)
  • Group calls of up to 100 people
  • Send texts, images, contacts, files, and location
  • Sending Alerts

Coming soon

We are looking to the future. New features coming soon.

Track Location

Monitor your external teams in real time efficiently.


Organize and oversee your team's workdays.

Task Manager

Plan and track task execution quickly and productively.

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